Spotlights: CBE

Emily Cheng

Emily Cheng '18

Why Cornell? I was mostly applying to schools near my home in Tennessee when I heard about Cornell. At the time, I was looking for schools with well-renowned engineering programs, and Cornell... Read more

  • Chemical Engineering
SJ Munsi

SJ Munsi '18

Why Cornell? I knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I didn’t necessarily want to be surrounded by only engineers. Cornell, in addition to being a prestigious institution, is a place that has... Read more

  • Chemical Engineering
Grace Chuang

Grace Chuang '18

Why Cornell? This past year I was giving an individual tour to a prospective student and during the tour, we walked through the project team space in Upson. The energy in the room was so high. There... Read more

  • Chemical Engineering
Meghan Barton and friends

Meghan Barton '17

I chose to pursue engineering because I like to help people and solve problems. Read more

  • Hometown: Hudson Falls, NY
  • Chemical Engineering
Stwart P receives outstanding student of the year award

Stwart Pena '17

I fell in love with the campus at first sight. From the beautiful scenery to the peaceful locations one can go to relax. Read more

  • Hometown: Amityville, NY
  • Chemical Engineering
Jorge G receives award for outstanding service to the school

Jorge Guevara '17

The second I stepped foot on this campus, something clicked. Read more

  • Hometown: Staten Island, NY
  • Chemical Engineering