Olin Hall Machine Shop

35+ years of problem solving and creative solutions

About the Machine Shop in Olin Hall

Researchers do the big math and deep thinking to come up with novel ideas, but often testing those ideas requires tools or samples that do not currently exist.  CBE machine shop technician, Glenn Swan, works with students, staff, and faculty to design and fabricate devices and systems, large and small, to allow experiments to go farther and solve more problems. 

With 35+ years of research experience, Glenn has acquired knowledge and expertise relating to metallurgy, material properties, temperature, pressure, vacuum, and simple availability of tools and strategies that can be applied to new problems. 

Equipment repair and sample preparation helps to keep Olin labs and student's experiments functioning, while minimizing down-time.  The efficient design focus offered in the machine shop reduces the progression time from a concept to a working product, as well as future refinements as research progresses.

This is a Cornell University recharge facility. Please contact Glenn for current rates.

Contact Information for Olin Hall Machine Shop

Glenn Swan
B-8/B-14 Olin Hall
T:  (607) 255-4816
C: (607) 592-7037