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Jesus Lopez Baltazar Awarded Jalisco’s Top Youth Honor for Scientific Achievement

Chemical Engineering Ph.D. candidate, Jesus Miguel Lopez Baltazar, has received the state of Jalisco’s (Mexico) most prestigious youth award, the 2023 Premio Estatal de la Juventud (State Youth Prize), the highest honor given by the government to its citizens under 30 years old. One of 7 recipients, Jesus Lopez was recognized in the scientific category. Jesus is a sixth year Ph.D. candidate in the Smith School working on the detection of cancer-derived extracellular vesicle transmembrane protein biomarkers using surface plasmon resonance biosensors under the mentorship of professor Qiuming Yu... Read more

Bitcoin could support renewable energy development

A new study calculated renewable energy projects' potential to profit from bitcoin mining during the precommercial development phase, when a wind or solar farm is generating electricity, but has not yet been integrated into the grid. Read more

Yeast speeds discovery of medicinal compounds in plants

Cornell researchers have harnessed the power of baker’s yeast to create a cost-effective and highly efficient approach for unraveling how plants synthesize medicinal compounds, and they have used the new method to identify key enzymes in a kratom tree. Read more

Professor Alex Woltornist and the Erskine Fellowship

After visiting New Zealand 3 years ago with his wife, Alex instantly fell in love with the area. This is where he heard about the Erskine program at the University of Canterbury. This program allows 70 visiting international senior academics to lecture undergraduates and postgraduate students. Alex refers to himself more as a technical advisor, his role is to interact with different student teams, as well as 4th year process design students. He commends this program for being hands on and truly allowing students the opportunity to learn through doing. Read more