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CBE Student Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

CBE student Aditi Seshadri won the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow - Prestigious honors from the fellowship program that identifies doctoral students likely to achieve a high level of success in their future academic and professional careers. Aditi Seshadri is a member of the Yue Research Group, which focuses on developing physics-inspired machine learning models and multi-scale simulations of electrolytes and solid/liquid interfaces for energy storage and separations. She works on developing generative machine learning models to design novel electrolytes for energy... Read more

Cornell introduces its 2024 Kessler Fellows cohort

The Kessler Fellows program welcomed 20 students to its 2024 cohort. The students will spend their spring semester sharpening entrepreneurial skills while preparing for a fully funded summer internship at a startup of their choice. Read more

Six early-career professors win NSF development awards

Researchers studying large-scale artificial intelligence, microbial biomanufacturing and causal inference methods are among the Cornell researchers who recently received National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Awards. Read more

Low-cost microbe can speed biological discovery

To conduct low-cost and scalable synthetic biological experiments, Cornell researchers have created a new version of a microbe to compete economically with E. coli – a bacteria used to synthesize proteins. Read more