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Susan Daniel, along with collaborators, Gary Whittaker, David Eliezer, and Jack Freed, have been awarded an NIH R01 grant to study Coronavirus infection

Coronaviruses (CoVs) are a major infectious disease threat for humans and animals, with several recent examples of zoonotic transmission including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-CoV, and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-CoV. Entry of CoVs into host cells is mediated by the viral spike (S) protein, a complex biomolecular machine that controls both receptor binding and membrane fusion. CoVs have a novel and adaptable fusion peptide (FP) within the S, which plays a role in the adaptable nature of CoV infection of many types of cells. The goal of this project is to reveal CoV S...

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2018 Nagel and Stabile Scholarships awarded to Praveen Bagavandoss and Jose Covarrubias Ameca

Nagle and Stable scholarship winners from CBE are Praveen Bagavandoss and Jose Emiliano Covarrubias Ameca. Praveen Bagavandoss, Nagel No. 48 Praveen is studying chemical engineering at Cornell University and serves as the NY Delta Chapter professional development chair. He spent a summer as an intern at Unilever working to innovate new technologies for use in personal care products. After graduation, he plans to work in industry to optimize the processing of products. Jose E. Covarrubias Ameca, Stabile No. 589 Jose is a chemical engineering and biochemistry senior at Cornell University. He...

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Olin Hall

CBE Professors recognized at the College of Engineering's Fall Faculty Reception

Professors Mike Duncan and David Putnam earned the College of Engineering's annual James M. and Marsha D. McCormick Award. The award recognizes outstanding advising of first-year engineering students. Professor Brad Anton and Professor Matt Paszek received 2018 College of Engineering Teaching Awards. The awardees were honored at the Engineering Fall Faculty Reception on September 17.

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Prof. Fengqi You recently co-authored paper published in Science

Until renewable sources of energy like wind or solar become more reliable and less expensive, people worldwide remain reliant on fossil fuels for transportation and energy. This means that if people want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there need to be better ways of mitigating the effects of extracting and burning oil and gas.

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