Spotlights: CBE

Alyssa Kranzmann '12

Alyssa Kranzmann '12

“As a leader, I learned a lot about how to accomplish things more efficiently and how to motivate people, and I think that will be really valuable to me in my career.” Read more

  • Hometown: Southern California
  • Chemical Engineering
Brian Kwee

Brian Kwee '12

"I believe that chemical engineering research offers many opportunities to help resolve the world’s diminishing energy resources." Read more

  • Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Anapol

Benjamin Anapol '12

Ben became one of the first chemical engineers to go abroad in over 10 years, studying at Queen Mary, University of London. Read more

  • Chemical Engineering

Mohsen Almajnouni (MEng '00)

Mohsen Almajnouni was born in the Makkah province of Saudi Arabia, where his parents were nomads. He recalls nomad life as being both simple and difficult. When one of his older brothers became a... Read more

Taniya Thomas

Taniya Thomas (MEng '11)

Taniya Thomas knew from the start that she wanted to pursue a career in the energy industry. It was the certificate in Energy, Economics, and Engineering that spiked her interest and drew her to... Read more

Bryan Jolley (MEng '07)

Bryan Jolley used the opportunity as an undergraduate to line up his classes and co-enroll in the M.Eng program during his senior year. He says, “I was interested in using this opportunity to get more... Read more