Jorge Guevara '17

Jorge G receives award for outstanding service to the school
  • Hometown: Staten Island, NY
  • Chemical Engineering

Why Cornell?

The second I stepped foot on this campus, something clicked. Out of the seventeen universities I had seen, I had never felt more at home and welcome than on Cornell's campus. With its beautiful Botanical Gardens, incredible McGraw Clock Tower, and magnificent view of Cayuga Lake, how could I not fall in love with Cornell? I also chose Cornell Engineering because I wanted to be able to major in Chemical Engineering while still being able to pursue my passion in the arts, specifically dancing, singing, and acting. I knew I would have the proper resources and networks that would allow me to flourish in both ChemE and theatre worlds. Also, having Cornell Dairy ice cream in the dining halls was a major plus. 

Leadership positions held at Cornell:

Leadership positions include Manager of both the Melodramatics and Flexible Theatre Companies, Sub-Team leader of the AguaClara Project Team, and Engineering Ambassador. 

Major accomplishments as a leader:

Major accomplishments include uniting the Ithaca community by putting on musical productions that were relevant to modern day political and socioeconomic issues, as well as performing within 15 productions within Ithaca during the past four years. Also, being able to provide my fellow ChemEs with theatre activities that helped enhance their presentation and people skills.  

Advice for future student leaders:

Be fearless, be bold, and be relentless. Change will not happen unless you are pushing for it. You will be faced with adversity and it will not be easy, but if you persevere and focus on your purpose you will shine brighter than any star.  Be informed and inform those who need it, but be humble. Utilize the resources available to you as soon as you step foot on this campus and set up meetings with the administration and the student groups you want to speak with as to make the most of these four years. They will go by faster than you know. 

Post-graduation goals:

I want to ensure that more people from the Latinx community become affiliated with majors in the STEM field, especially with Chemical Engineering. The fact that I can count the number of Latinx students within my senior class with both hands worries me. Additionally, when I begin working for Johnson and Johnson, I want to lead projects that will challenge me intellectually, as well as create projects that will enhance the quality of life for all. Also, I will win a Tony award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in either a play or a Musical and be invited to the MET Gala. 

Favorite Olin Hall/ChemE memory:

On senior awards night, I had a moment in time where I felt all my hard work and dedication in both the engineering world and theatre world were being recognized. It was when Professor Paulette Clancy awarded me with the Outstanding Service award on behalf of the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. This moment was monumental for me because it was a moment where my 24 hours per week dedicated to rehearsal were more than worth it; where my countless caffeinated teas and endless nights on problem sets were more than worth it; where my weekends in the lab for AquaClara were more than worth it. I came Cornell to leave my mark in both the engineering and theatre fields and in that exact moment, I felt I had. 

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