Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Nearly half of all undergraduates in the Smith School participate in research with chemical and biomolecular engineering faculty.

Working in a research group during your time as an undergrad is invaluable—you’ll gain hands-on experience, begin preparing for graduate programs, and learn about a variety of career options early in your academic trajectory.

Benefits of participating in undergraduate research

  • Getting to know a subject area, faculty member, and team of researchers very well
  • Practicing laboratory skills, ethics, and safety
  • Seeing the publishing process in action by connecting tactical research to written work
  • Creating poster projects and displaying findings
  • Improving the diversity of experiences on your resume
  • Exploring different career directions
  • Making contributions that will have an impact in the field and on the lives of others 

Getting involved in research

While the benefits of undergraduate research are universal, the experiences in different research groups varies based on subject matter and group composition. In general, you’ll find that each team embraces camaraderie, and the benefits of participation go far beyond those listed above.

Most faculty members advise undergraduates in research and give them opportunities get involved as a team member in the summer, fall, and/or spring semesters. Look into research areas that interest you, and begin making connections with faculty (3.1) to determine if you’re a good fit for their groups. 

Research areas include: