Student Experience

The undergraduate community at the Smith School is vibrant and supportive—there are many ways to get involved and expand your experience beyond academics and research. You also have access to all that Cornell University and the College of Engineering offer!

There’s so much more to your undergraduate experience than coursework. Yes, rigorous curriculum is what sets the Smith School apart, but it’s important to round out your academic experience (which usually includes research and internship/Co-op components) with extracurricular activities. 

Participating in student organizations and project teams, studying abroad, and working as teaching assistants are ways in which our students gain leadership experience, communication skills, and new perspectives. 

What is the undergraduate program culture like?

The Smith School is proud of its culture of collaboration and cooperation among the student body, its faculty, and its staff. Class sizes are relatively small (around 65 students), so you’ll get to know your peers and the faculty quite well. 

The bonds our students form during their time in Olin Hall last well beyond graduation. There are many opportunities for our chemical engineering community to get together throughout the year: barbecues, holiday gatherings, Casino Night, and more. Alumni continue to be active participants and often return for recruitment events, Homecoming, and Reunion.

Opportunities for undergraduate students

Student teams outside Olin Hall

Student Organizations and Project Teams

Participating in student organizations and project teams is a great way to develop leadership skills, gain hands-on experience, and have fun with classmates

Imperial College

Study Abroad

Learn about your options for spending a full semester or summer session abroad