Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Big data and artificial intelligence concept. Machine learning and cyber mind domination concept in form of women face outline outline with circuit board and binary data flow on blue background.

Effective Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS/AI) is arguably a major focus in the next round of the transformation of information technology in industry. With the recent development of the Internet of Things, wireless sensors, clouds, mobile devices, e-commerce, and smart manufacturing, the amount of data collected and stored has grown exponentially. Manufacturing process operation databases are massive because of the use of process operation and control computers and information systems. The diversity of process measurement technologies from conventional process sensors to images, videos, and indirect measurement technologies has compounded the variety, volume, and complexity of process big data. The DS/AI focus path lies at the interface between process engineering and data science (or informatics). It teaches students data analytics skills to derive knowledge and information from mass process data, as well as decision-support tools for solving real operation problems in the era of big data. Two courses (“CHEME 6800: Computational Optimization” and “CHEME 6880: Industrial Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning”) are specially designed and developed for this focus path and train students with relevant methodologies and skills.

The focus path in energy economics and engineering brings together faculty and students from various personal and academic backgrounds to focus on potential careers in energy-related technology, management, and public policy. Course work explores current and evolving energy systems.

Key Courses: (For full descriptions, visit the Course Roster)

  • CHEME 6880
  • CHEME 5660 - Data, Markets, and Mayhem for Scientists and Engineers