Smith School Community Values

We, the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, are a global community of students, staff, post-docs, and faculty who represent a wide range of abilities, identities, perspectives, and experiences. We value diversity and inclusion because everyone deserves to experience a sense of belonging; because scientific talent exists across the social spectrum; because the flexibility of thought required for excellence stems from diversity, including people from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in our field and those from backgrounds that are traditionally well-represented; because the intersection of different lives and daily exchanges in our department enrich our academic, professional, and personal development; and because when inclusion prevails, we augment our potential to positively impact the world.

We strongly resonate with this worldview and therefore aspire to create an environment for learning, research, and professional and social interactions where every individual feels welcome and valued. We strive to realize this vision by treating each other with dignity and respect, by supporting each other through times of personal, academic, and professional challenges, and by nurturing and celebrating the diversity, hard work, and excellence of our community.

Inclusion requires an ongoing effort from all members of the Smith School to seek to understand every viewpoint, to empathize with every voice, and to speak collegially across differences.  It also requires that we educate ourselves and others on how to identify and counter instances of intolerance. Through these actions, we will continually work to cultivate an environment that ensures the participation of every individual and empowers every person to reach their full potential.

We aim to pursue our academic mission in accordance with these values. More information on current programs and initiatives, resources, and opportunities for engagement within the Smith School: Diversity and Inclusion Program (DIP)

Smith School Academic Mission

  1. To prepare students for life-long achievement through education in the principles and practices of chemical and biomolecular engineering.
  2. To cultivate students' skills for effective communication, teamwork, and leadership in a diverse world.
  3. To develop socially conscious students who interact in respectful, empathetic, and supportive ways to create a healthy and inclusive community.
  4. To guide students in the ethical and socially responsible application of engineering principles to address the technological challenges that face society.
  5. To pursue innovative research that advances the understanding of chemical and biomolecular processes.
  6. To develop new technologies and strategies that translate new understanding into benefits for society.

By pursuing these missions, the Smith School has a distinguished history. Our graduates hold leadership roles in industry, government, and academia. Our research discoveries lead to improvements in human health, energy and sustainability, consumer products, and advanced technologies for computing.