Spotlights: CBE

Michael Charles

Michael Charles ‘16

I decided to attend Cornell because I was impressed with the variety of students at the university. I was considering many technical schools, but realized that I valued the diversity of people and did not find the same wide range of interests elsewhere. Read more

  • Hometown: Columbus, OH
  • Chemical Engineering

Welcome Fengqi You ( 2016 )

Fengqi You has joined the faculty of the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) at Cornell. You has been named the Roxanne E. and Michael J. Zak Professor. He is... Read more

Welcome Jeffrey Varner ( 2016 )

Jeffrey Varner, professor in the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cornell (CBE), would not describe himself as artistic. “My mom has become a painter as she... Read more

Improving drug discovery and delivery

One of the unspoken rules of higher education is that getting tenure is more important than just about anything else an assistant professor can do. This is why it is a bit surprising to hear Chris... Read more

Maxine Chan

Maxine Chan '16

Cornell has an extensive (and very friendly) alumni network, and I felt reassured that I would always be able to reach out for help. Read more

  • Hometown: Edison, NJ
  • Chemical Engineering
Marisa Siergiej

Marisa Siergiej '16

When I was deciding which university to attend, I knew I wanted a strong balance of academics and athletics. Read more

  • Hometown: Albany, GA
  • Chemical Engineering
McKenzie Hubert

McKenzie Hubert '16

What first attracted me to Cornell was the stellar reputation in undergraduate engineering programs. Read more

  • Hometown: Livermore, CA
  • Chemical Engineering

John T. Thompson '76

John T. Thompson '76, CEO/President, First Electric Supply will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award in mentoring from Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization, College Mentors for Kids at the 2016... Read more

Emily Polk

Emily Polk '14

"Your peers are brilliant resources - never underestimate the power of these connections and friendships, and strive to learn from those around you." Read more

  • Hometown: Lakewood, OH
  • Chemical Engineering