Smith School Seniors Take Home Top Honors at AIChE Meeting

UG awardees

This year, the Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular engineering sent eight members of the Class of 2020 to present research in a wide variety of topics. They were:

1. Jay Bender 

2. Dylan Vu

3. Spencer Hong

4. Colette Schissel

5. Jody Mohammad

6. Michelle Quien

7. Priyanka Konan

8. Swetha Thiagarajan


Of the eight who presented research, an outstanding five won awards in respective categories. Those who won awards are:

1. Jay Bender - 3rd Place; Catalysis & Reaction Engineering V

2. Dylan Vu - 1st Place; Materials Science & Engineering IX

3. Spencer Hong - 2nd Place; Computing & Process Controls I

4. Colette Schissel - 1st Place; Computing & Process Controls II

5. Priyanka Konan - 3rd Place; Food, Pharma, & Biotech III


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