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Interdisciplinary team concludes successful "Coding for All" program with the Sciencenter's middle-school Future Science Leaders

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

An interdisciplinary faculty team consisting of female engineering professors, Paulette Clancy (CBE), Perrine Pepiot (MAE) and Nandini Ananth (Chem. & Chem. Bio.), led a successful semester-long interaction with Ithaca's Sciencenter and their Future Science Leaders (FSL). The middle-school FSL students learned how programming can provide you with a way to describe the physical universe as a mathematical model, exploring applications ranging from space flight to vision.

Sponsored by "Engaged Cornell" in a project known as "Coding for All", Cornell graduate students Lara Becker (MAE), Matthew Church (Chem.), Henry Herbol (MSE), and Andrew Ruttinger (CBE) conducted an enterprising program that the middle schoolers enjoyed and left them wanting to know more about writing computer codes. A field trip to Cornell included learning about the grad students' research and a fun activity that disassembled (and reassembled) a computer (see photo). The program will resume next spring, 2018.

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