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Susan Daniel promoted to the rank of Associate Professor

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Associate Professor Susan Daniel

Prof. Daniel’s research focuses on the biological physics of supported lipid bilayers and on their applications as model biological membranes for: (a) sorting, extracting, and compartmentalizing membrane species; (b) establishing protein structure-function relationships; and (c) characterizing lipid-protein interactions. Her work is primarily experimental and makes use of an inverted microscope-based Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence system she developed at Cornell. Dr. Daniel’s research takes advantage of her unique background in chemical engineering, interfacial science, and membrane biology to pioneer new approaches for characterizing protein structure and dynamics in lipid bilayers supported in microfluidic devices. Her group is one of a handful in the country that combines these capabilities for sorting and assaying membrane species, a notoriously difficult class of compounds to handle, yet vitally important in understanding many diseases and cellular processes. In recognition of her early promise and innovative contributions, she received the National Science Foundation Early Career awardin 2012. 

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