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Ashley Macner invited to Capitol Hill

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ashley Macner with Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX; 4th district)

On March 19th-20th, Ashley Macner participated on the panel, “Students Bringing Space Research Down to Earth,” by presenting her NASA funded research to congressional members and their staffers as part of a larger initiative by the The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to raise awareness of the long-term value that science, engineering, and technology bring to America. She also joined forces with the Texas team (and became an honorary ‘Texan’ in the process) and visited 8 Texas congressional offices to discuss the current issues affecting the aerospace and defense industries and how they directly impact the security and vibrancy of our future.

Macner was recently invited back to Capitol Hill on May 20th - 23rd by Citizens for Space Exploration to join a team which visited 20 congressional offices (19 of which were NY) to talk about her research as an example of how space research leads to technologies which enable deep space exploration with the added benefit of improving Earth based technologies within the state of NY.

In its 22nd year, Citizens for Space Exploration is the largest grassroots program that promotes awareness of the importance of America's Human Space Exploration Program and NASA. The group is a multi-state organization which consists of people with different professional backgrounds. This year alone, 97 people representing 28 different states visited about 340 congressional offices.

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