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Prof DeLisa selected as the 2013 Biochemical Engineering Journal Young Investigator

Monday, May 13, 2013

Professor Matthew DeLisa was selected as the 2013 Biochemical Engineering Journal Young Investigator.

"This award recognizes outstanding excellence in research and practice contributed to the field of biochemical engineering by a young community member. The award and associated lecture are presented on an annual basis either at the Annual AIChE meeting in conjunction with the FPBE Division (even years) or the ECI Biochemical and Molecular Engineering Conference (odd years)."

He will attend ECI's Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XVIII conference, held from June 16 to June 20 2013 in Beijing, China and co-hosted by Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center (China) and Engineering Conferences International (USA). Prof DeLisa will also deliver an award lecture entitled "Bacterial glycoengineering: from cellular enzymes and pathways to human therapeutics and vaccines."

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