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Research by Ananth Kaushik and Professor Clancy chosen as the cover of J. Computational Chemistry

Monday, March 11, 2013

Recent research by Ananth Kaushik and Paulette Clancy was featured on the cover of  the March 15 2013 issue of Journal of Computational Chemistry. [attached:  image of the cover art] The article is titled: "Solvent-Driven Symmetry of self-assembled nanocrystal superlattices – A computational study," J. Comp. Chem., 34, 523-532 (2013 );

The primary author is Dr. Ananth Kaushik, a former PhD student in the Clancy group who is now employed at Intel. Kaushik and Clancy's paper explains why certain solvents affect the preferred superlattice symmetry adopted by quantum dots during solution processing and provide a correlation between this symmetry preference and the ratio of the length of the ligand to the diameter of the nanocrystal. The authors uncover the underlying mechanisms that drive this correlation, showing that there are two competing factors at play, the shape of the nanocrystal 'core' and the ligand-ligand interactions.

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