Fengqi You: Quantum Computing Perspective on the Cover of AIChE Journal

The cover of the June 2022 issue of AIChE Journal, the flagship journal of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), features an invited Perspective article by Professor Fengqi You, Systems Ph.D. student Akshay Ajagekar and their collaborators in NASA and ExxonMobil. This AIChE Journal Perspective article, “Perspectives of Quantum Computing for Chemical Engineering” (AIChE J. 2022; 68(6):e17651), discusses how quantum computing can positively impact chemical engineering and related fields. The realization of advantages promised by quantum algorithms for various applications is entangled with the quality of quantum hardware, accounting for the current state of quantum computing hardware, software, and algorithms. Despite the significant advances made in the last 40 years, current quantum computers are still far from achieving their full potential. Advancing quantum computing can yield substantial improvements in chemical engineering fields such as material science, process development, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, optimization, kinetics, reaction engineering, and physical chemistry. The paper concludes that significant investment in the field, the high demand for quantum-literate professionals, and training in topics pertinent to quantum computing will help chemical engineers play an essential role in developing practical applications of quantum computing and pave the future of the field. Chemical Engineering Progress publishes a plain language summary and highlight of this perspective article.

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