Geoffrey Achilles

2022 Raymond G. Thorpe Lecture

Geoffrey Achilles, Ph.D.
Director, Green Hydrogen Task Force
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Career Insights from 25 Years in Hydrogen

Geoff Achilles graduated from Cornell University in 1987 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and he received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 1992.  Since then, Geoff has spent 30 years working for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. including 25 years in the Hydrogen business.  This presentation will share the general insights that he has learned during each stage of his career which may be useful to Chemical Engineering graduates as they consider their future employment.  It will also show how those insights have guided him through the various changes in the Hydrogen industry during periods of rapid growth, improvements in energy efficiency, and most recently in decreases in Carbon Dioxide emissions due to US, UK, and European government regulations and incentives.  These government initiatives will drive the Hydrogen industry for the next 25 years and provide meaningful opportunities for environmentally conscious Chemical Engineers. 

Bio: Geoff is currently the Director of the Green H2 Task Force at Air Products.  The group consists of 10 international researchers, scientists, and engineers in the areas of process cycle development, high temperature catalysts and reactors, carbon intensity, H2 fueling stations, electrolysis, and adsorption purification.  Their goal is to develop the required technology and products for production of H2 carriers, with an initial focus on green NH3, and conversion back to green H2 for mobility.  

Geoff joined Air Products in 1992 after receiving his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  Geoff spent 18 years in HyCO with assignments in Engineering, Technology, and Operations.  He joined the Technology group as the Energy Business Technology Manager, helped establish the Process Gases Technology team as its first Director, and then transitioned into his current role.