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Graduate Symposium

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CBE proudly hosts the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium. The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA) contributes to the planning and execution of the event. Students present their research to recruiters, Chemical Engineering faculty, and other students. The event commences with a keynote speech delivered by a select professor. Poster sessions also highlight the research of other graduate students. Present at the event are recruiters from Corning, ConocoPhillips, 3M, and others.

This event developed from an idea that the graduate class representatives proposed to the faculty: have all grad students present a seminar before graduation. So, starting in 2010, a policy was put in place where all fourth year students will have the opportunity to do an oral presentation to the Chemical Engineering Department and all second year students will do a poster presentation to the Chemical Engineering Department. These presentations are now a mandatory requirement of the Ph.D. Program in the department.

The goals of the symposium include:

  • allowing graduate students an opportunity to interact with a broad audience while discussing their research projects

  • providing a platform where everyone involved will have the opportunity to learn more about current research projects in the department

  • creating more opportunities to network with invited industry recruiters


Eugene Choi at the Symposium.

Juan Valderrama Rincon presenting at the Symposium.