M.Eng. Specializations

One of the defining characteristics of the Smith School’s M.Eng. program is its flexibility and the option for specialized coursework. While not required, specializations can shape your curriculum and prepare you for work in a specific industry sector.

Specialization options

You may choose to focus your CHEME electives and coursework around an area of specialization. The Smith School offers four specializations and provides suggestions for meeting the requirements for each.

Specialized Research


Computational Informatics

Computational Informatics (CI) specialization provides unique training at the intersection of process engineering and data science, also known as informatics.


Medical and Industrial Biotechnology

The Medical and Industrial Biotechnology (MIB) specialization will prepare you to make contributions in areas such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, tissue culture, agricultural products, and new food and energy sources.


Product Design

The Product Design (PD) specialization gives student teams the opportunity to apply their knowledge of chemical engineering and product design principles in collaboration with industry partners.