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Ensuring a safe environment for all the occupants of Olin Hall is a top priority in the Smith School. Injury from safety related incidents are costly to both the individual and the school; and are preventable in many instances. Please use the link provided to anonymously report any safety related feedback: Anonymous Safety Feedback

Responses to Anonymous Safety Feedback:

Q) I wanted to know why windows can't be opened in Olin Hall.  In the case of an emergency, if one needs to use the windows to get out of the building, it is not possible.  Since the windows are always closed, it makes it hard sometimes to breathe in Olin Hall since there is no fresh air.

A) The windows in Olin Hall can be opened with a specific key. 

Q) I have a suggestion. Since the online safety training has a lot of information, it could be useful to boil down each course to a simple bullet list of the most important safety points. That way each lab could post summaries of relevant safety courses on their wall as a quick reference/reminder.

A) Please do feel free to create a bullet list of safety points to share with your LSO, group, and/or other graduate students. Sharing safety related information is a great idea and strongly encouraged! 

Lab Safety 

The Lab Safety Guide and Emergency Information Sheet are provided to help ensure a safe and enjoyable laboratory experience. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Pelletier.

Olin Hall Laboratory Safety Guide


Summary of Important Safety Information for Users of Research Laboratories in Olin Hall

Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Emergency Phone Numbers for Laboratory Accidents or Personal Threats

 Phone  Dial Number
 Red Emergency Phone
 Lift receiver for immediate
connection to dispatch-operator
 Cornell Wired Phone  911
Cell Phone   (607) 255-1111