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Cornell College of Engineering was among the first engineering colleges to teach nanotechnology to undergrads through a hands-on course designing and building nanotech devices.

Once a Cornellian, always a Cornellian. And once a Cornell ChemE, always a Cornell ChemE. The relationships formed here are lifelong. But more than that, the network of Cornell alumni who are willing to greet, share ideas and memories, and help one another is incredibly powerful.

Somehow, something happens in the hallowed halls of Olin Hall and across Cornell’s beautiful campus. Cornell engineering students work hard – they really work hard! But in the process of late nights and labs that don’t always go well and breakthroughs that leave you breathless, so much gets shared, and bonds are formed. So after graduation, you still connect. Sometimes it’s at reunions or treasured visits with dear friends. Sometimes it’s in a room full of not-for-long strangers at a multi-generational alumni event, or at an Entrepreneurship@Cornell event. Sometimes it’s back at Cornell, where you’re giving a lecture, helping students network their way to their first job, sharing your expertise as an advisor, or helping to raise funds to keep Cornell CBE strong. You always leave with Big Red glow.

From 1933, when we graduated our first chemical engineers to today, when we forge new paths as the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, we belong to an exceptional cadre of people. From presidents of oil and gas companies to vice presidents of electronic components, from those creating safer food supplies to those reaching people in need through the Peace Corps, our graduates have transformed their Cornell education into achievements that impact the world.

We value all that you bring to Cornell and one another – your special expertise, your leadership, your kindness, and your gifts that help to keep Cornell CBE strong.

We hope that you will visit this web site often to catch up with the lives of old friends, to network with other Olin Hall alumni, and to celebrate the achievements of fellow ChemE Cornellians. Once a Cornellian….

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