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CBE Safety Olinpics

Monday, February 6, 2017

Recognizing the value of a strong safety culture is an important aspect of our work in Olin Hall and beyond.

To promote awareness of safety actions, attitudes, and behaviors, the safety committee organized the 1st Annual CBE Safety Olinpics as an educational and entertaining initiative to promote a strong safety culture within the department. 

The committee (which includes lab safety officers from all research groups and representatives from Cornell's Environmental Health and Safety Office) organized a number of engaging safety disciplines including 'first responder' CPR training, waste disposal, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The graduate students spent significant time planning the Safety Olinpics to include safety and compliance topics that will stay with them while at Cornell and beyond. This was an impressive event and we were excited to be invited to participate,” said Brenda Coolbaugh, Chemical Hygiene Officer.

The event kicked-off with a talk from Dan Vaughn about 'Value-based safety culture'. The closing ceremony was marked by a departmental mixer which included a jeopardy-style safety quiz and the award ceremony for winning teams. The event was made possible by the generous support of external sponsors including Corning Inc. and VWR.

Cornell EHS safety specialist Alan Bitar commented, “I was impressed with the high level of engagement among the graduate students while they were creating activities for the Safety Olinpics. Also, as a safety instructor, I was delighted to witness them having fun while leading the activities on the day of the event.”

Overall, the inaugural CBE Safety Olinpics was a great success and the organizers are eagerly preparing for the 2017 event. 

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