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TA awards for the 2015-2016 academic year

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The recipients of the outstanding TA awards for the 2015-2016 academic year are as follows: 

Rahul Mangal is being honored for his achievement in Prof. Zia's undergraduate fluid mechanics class. Rahul has been involved in this course for a number of years with Prof. Zia. Rahul has received outstanding evaluations, and in particular, the Associate Director of Engineering Learning Initiatives stated, "Congratulations on your excellent evaluations; I want to thank and congratulate you on performing your TA responsibilities so well! Being a great TA doesn’t just happen; it is a reflection of your commitment to the process.” Rahul "conducts himself with the competence an ease of a junior faculty member", noted by Zia. There is no doubt that Rahul is off to great things in his future! 

Andrew Shah is being honored from his work in undergraduate separations with Prof. Anton. Prof. Anton notes, "Andrew Shaw embraced the higher-level responsibility, did all the work, and did it flawlessly. He directed the TA team, led the recitations, solved and understood every homework and exam problem I assigned, and gave thoughtful feedback on my exam proposals that led to improved exam problems. He took my academic integrity challenge so seriously that he insisted on grading all of the exams himself. He was reliable and almost completely autonomous. At times, I felt like his co-instructor." Anton said he has had excellent TAs in the past, but Andrew is at the top of the list.

Maciej Lukawski and Koenraad Beckers are being honored by the Energy Institute for their contributions to six energy modules. Both Maciej and Koenraad have been involved with this class for a number of years and have worked to help shape it into the highly successful series it has become. Prof. Tester especially points out their commitment to the students and professors running the modules and their intellectual contributions to the course. They have both been integral parts of setting the foundation that will benefit students for years to come. 

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