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DeLisa lab paper featured on the cover of ACS Synthetic Biology

Monday, February 24, 2014

The February cover of the journal ACS Synthetic Biology features research from the DeLisa research group. The cover art depicts a cartoon of their universal assay for engineering extracellular protein secretion. Once secreted to the extracellular space, proteins of interest, including cellulolytic enzymes, are selectively labeled with a green fluorescent dye. The result is a high-throughput screening method for studying and engineering diverse extracellular secretion pathways and the valuable protein products they secrete. Dr. Charles Haitjema is the lead author on the paper and also generated the artwork for the cover. He obtained his PhD in the DeLisa lab in 2012 and is now a postdoc in the lab of Michelle O'Malley in the ChemE Department at UCSB.

Current CBE graduate student Jason Boock is a co-author on the paper. 

View the cover here:

View the article here:

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