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CBE offers Sustainable Energy Systems minor

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sustainability Energy Systems minor will focus on the world's energy needs and the environmental, economic and social impact of energy technologies. Courses included are biological and environmental engineering; earth and atmospheric sciences; and mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Participating Professor of Engineering, Teresa Jordan, feels the minor is intended to view sustainable energy studies broadly, rather than as single disciplines and that in order to improve sustainability of our energy systems, expertise in one area will not be sufficient.

Requirements of the new minor include six courses (an 18 credit minimum) in an amplitude of diverse categories: energy systems analysis; energy resources and technologies for a transition to sustainability; natural systems impacted by energy production and use; and social impact: policy, economics, business, history, ethics
and risk analysis.

Course topics range from turbomachinery applications and hydrocrabon resources; to fundamentals of earth mineral resources; to electric power systems and combustion processes; to stream ecology, climate dynamics, environmental economics and ethics and the environment.

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