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Managing New Business Development course video

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our M. Eng. students are more likely to follow a management path than a technical path after graduation. The Managing New Business Development course provides them with a number of insights into the world of commerce, and exposure to many of the skills they will need to succeed. The course uses case studies to ensure learning of the topics and not just exposure. The last case study of the term involves four companies each with a different needs working out an agreement for equitable recovery and allocation of components from an opportunistically priced  multiple petrochemicals feedstock stream. The negotiations to arrive at a deal that suits the needs of four different parties teaches students how to define and value their negotiating objectives, how to prepare a negotiating strategy to achieve those needs, and finally with a chance to negotiate a multi party agreement.

What you see in the attached video clip is the students validating the results of their negotiation in a form that will be presented to their individual Boards of Directors for approval.

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