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A. On crystals, liquid crystals, and colloids


A30. Y. Sun, P. Padmanabhan, M. Misra, and F.A. Escobedo, “Molecular dynamics simulation of thermotropic bolaamphiphiles with a swallow-tail lateral chain: formation of cubic network phases” Soft Matter 13, 8542-8555 (2017) . DOI:10.1039/C7SM01819C.

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C. On block copolymers


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D. On microscopic and macroscopic behavior of oligomers and polymers

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E. On the TENSILE behavior of networks and elastomers

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F. On interfacial & FLUID properties and systems

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G. On new simulation methods for material property predictions

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H. On the generalization and unification of simulation methods

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I. General papers & REVIEWS on molecular simulation

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B. On structure and dynamics of bio-molecules

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