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Student Spotlight

Alana Szkodny '14

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Blue Bell, PA

"Leaders gain their effectiveness through their reliability and their openness to new ideas and to changes within an organization." read more

Alexandra Bishop '12

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering

"The ChemE department really felt like a family and fully prepared me for the working world." read more

Alyssa Kranzmann '12

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Southern California

“As a leader, I learned a lot about how to accomplish things more efficiently and how to motivate people, and I think that will be really valuable to me in my career.” read more

Benjamin Anapol '12

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering

Ben became one of the first chemical engineers to go abroad in over 10 years, studying at Queen Mary, University of London. read more

Brian Kwee '12

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering

"I believe that chemical engineering research offers many opportunities to help resolve the world’s diminishing energy resources." read more

Brianna DeRooy '14

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Spencerport, NY

My favorite Olin Hall/ChemE memory is the dozens of hours spent in the lab in the weeks leading up to each ChemE Car Competition. read more

Cecilia Turcios '13

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

“I love making things more efficient and making sure that time and money are not wasted, so chemical engineering seems like the perfect field for me,” read more

Christine Catudal '11

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Katy, Texas

"A lot of the people are going through the same curriculum as you. It's nice to have friends that are in the same boat." read more

Dennis Chua '14

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Singapore

Dennis has recently received an award for community service, The President's Volunteer Service Award. He was jointly awarded this by both the President's Volunteer Office and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). read more

Emily Polk '14

  • Affiliation: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Lakewood, OH

"Your peers are brilliant resources - never underestimate the power of these connections and friendships, and strive to learn from those around you." read more