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Upon graduation about two-thirds of our graduates take employment and one-third continue studies in graduate school. The profiles of two recent graduating classes - the class of 2001 and the class of 2004 - show the broad range of opportunities open to our undergraduates.

Our graduates take jobs in traditional chemical engineering fields, such as chemicals, petroleum, process design and consulting, foods, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, as well as diverse fields such as finance, banking and investing, telecommunications, and regulatory agencies (e.g., the US Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration). In the past ten years, our graduates have taken jobs at over 120 different companies.

Our graduates who continue their studies in chemical and biomolecular engineering join Masters of Engineering programs or Doctoral programs. Most of the MEng students continue their studies at Cornell. All the students entering PhD programs continue their studies elsewhere. In the past ten years, the PhD programs taking our students include (in decreasing number of students) Michigan, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Illinois, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. In addition, our graduates have matriculated to medical schools, law schools, and MD/PhD programs. You may also wish to peruse our newsletters to explore what some of our graduates have accomplished.

For more information on careers in chemical and biomolecular engineering, visit the sites below: