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CHEME Affiliation Criteria

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Requirements for Major Affiliation

Students in the College of Engineering apply for affiliation with a Major during their second year. To affiliate students must have a cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA) of greater than 2.0 and complete all core requirements by the end of the sophomore year. 

Chemical Engineering (ChemE) grade requirements are:

  • At most one grade below C- in chemistry, math, physics, and chemical engineering courses
  • A grade point average greater than or equal to 2.2 in math, science, and chemical engineering courses

To apply for affiliation in the third semester or transfer internally to the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering a student must be on track to complete the following requirements by the end of the semester:

  • Mathematics: MATH 1910, 1920 and 2930
  • Chemistry: CHEM 2090 and 2080 (or a score of 5 on the CEEB Advanced Placement exam for  Chemistry and CHEM 2150 or CHEM 2080)
  • Physics: PHYS 1112 and 2213 
  • Computing: CS 111X
  • Engineering Distribution: One Introduction to Engineering (EngrI 1XXX) course, EngrD 2190 and CHEM 3890
  • Two First-Year Writing Seminars
  • One Liberal Studies Distribution
  • Two Physical Education courses and the university swim test

Refer to our curriculum information for more details about ChemE Major requirements and the Engineering Undergraduate Handbook about core requirements.

Submit the Application for Major Affiliation form to Carol Casler, ChemE Undergraduate Coordinator in 226 Olin Hall.

Students applying in the fourth semester must be on track to complete the prerequisites for junior year as well as the core requirements listed above:

  • MATH 2940 or CEE 3040 or EngrD 2700
  • CHEM 2900 and 3900
  • ChemE 3230
  • An additional Liberal Studies Distribution