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Product Design

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Product Design Specialization
The specialization is led by Chemical Engineering faculty with significant industrial experience in product design
as it applies to chemicals, devices and systems. Faculty from other personal and academic backgrounds contribute
expertise in areas such as new business development, project management, probability and pricing. This specialization
is intended to provide significant relevant preparation for students who wish to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical,
personal products and food industries.


CHEME 4610 Concepts of Chemical Engineering Product Design 3x CHEME 4630 Practice of Chemical Engineering
Product Design
CHEME 5720 Managing New Business Development 3 CEE 5900 Project Management (fall or spring)
CHEME 5740
Statistical Analysis
3 AEM 4160 Strategic Pricing 3
FDSC 4210

ORIE 5100

Food Engineering Principles (Food Science focus)

Design of Manufacturing Systems (Manufacturing focus)

3 FDSC 4250
Unit Ops and Dairy Processing (Food Science focus)
 CHEME/Other Electives
CHEME/Other Electives

Total 15
Total 15

Four Chemical Engineering Coures are required for M.Eng. This curriculum provides for five chemical engineering courses marked x.  Only one elective needs to be a ChemE elective

The project requirement is covered by ChemE 4630. Students who wish to do an individual product design project in addition to the project in ChemE 4630 may do so as an independent study with a faculty advisor by enrolling in ChemE 5999.

Courses with less than 3 credits can be combined to fulfill the 3 credits required for an elective area. Students who wish to fulfill an elective by taking a course that is not listed above should send the course title and description to the M.Eng. Director for approval before taking the course.  

Examples of suggested relevant electives:
AEM 4021 Food and Brand Workshop
NBA 6620 Product Marketing Insights
HADM 3430 Marketing Research
NCC 5530 Marketing Management
PAM 3300 Cost Benefit Analysis (spring) 4 credits
PAM 3110 Pharmaceutical Management and Policy (fall) 3 credits
PAM 3240 Risk management & Policy (fall) 3 credits
FDSC 3960 Food Safety Assurance (spring) 2 credits
FDSC 6650 Food and Bio Processing Systems (spring) 2 credits
FDSC 4210 Food Engineering Principles (fall) 4 credits
ChemE 5430 Bioprocess Engineering (fall) 3 credits
ChemE 6310 Engineering Principles for Drug Delivery (fall) 3 credits