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Areas of Specialization 
Students may wish to specialize in one of the many areas of discipline at Cornell. To assist students who wish to specialize, we have organized areas of specialization in energy economics and engineering, medical and industrial biotechnology, computer informatics, product design, and food science. The specializations consist of core courses and a series of electives. Using electives judiciously, students can specialize in one of these areas while meeting all of the chemical engineering requirements for the M.Eng. degree. Students are not required to specialize in any area. The decision to pursue a specialization is up to each student. 

Guide for Fulfilling Requirements
"M.Eng. Graduation Checklist" is available for students to plan a curriculum and guarantee that all requirements for the M.Eng. degree are fulfilled. Students must complete a "working" document when first enrolling in the program. This checklist will then be uploaded to a shared folder on Cornell Box for the program administrators and the M.Eng. Director to reference as needed. The checklist must be updated accordingly during the time the student is enrolled in the M.Eng. program. Contact the Graduate Student Services Coordinator for the checklist and/or more information.  

Download the Masters of Engineering Program Course Curriculum (PDF)