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Financial Support

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Complete financial support accompanies virtually every offer of admission to the PhD program. Typically, an admitted student is guaranteed at least five years of full financial support as long as he or she makes satisfactory progress toward the PhD degree. This support includes a stipend, a full tuition award, and health insurance. Financial support comes in the form of teaching assistantships, graduate research assistantships, research fellowships, etc. No additional paperwork is necessary to be considered for financial support. All MS/PhD applications received by January 3 are automatically considered for aid.

Eligible applicants are strongly encouraged to seek federally funded fellowships such as those available from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other appropriate government agencies.

The M.Eng. degree is a professional degree rather than a research-oriented degree. Since research funds are not available to support M.Eng. students, financial aid is more limited than for candidates in the MS/PhD program. Nonetheless, the department is able to provide partial support for some students.

Please visit the Cornell Graduate School Fellowship database to explore external funding sources.