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Curriculum and Courses

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The School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering offers students many course options to meet their interests and academic needs. For more information about available courses in the School please visit the Courses of Study website. 

Ph.D. Course Requirements

Prospective students may want to pay particular attention to the following courses, which are required of all new Ph.D. students:

CHEME 7110 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Postulatory approach to thermodynamics. Legendre transformations. Equilibrium and stability of general thermodynamic systems. Applications of thermodynamic methods to advanced problems in chemical engineering. Introduction to statistical mechanical ensembles, phase transitions, Monte Carlo methods, and theory of liquids.

CHEME 7130 Chemical Kinetics and Transport

Topics include microscopic and macroscopic viewpoints; connections between phenomenological chemical kinetics and molecular reaction dynamics; reaction cross sections, potential energy surfaces, and dynamics of bimolecular collisions; molecular beam scattering; transition state theory. Unimolecular reaction dynamics; complex chemically reacting systems: reactor stability, multiple steady states, oscillations, and bifurcation; reactions in heterogeneous media; and free-radical mechanisms in combustion and pyrolysis.

CHEME 7310 Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Topics include derivation of conservation equations; conductive heat transfer; low Reynolds number fluid dynamics; lubrication theory; inviscid fluid dynamics; boundary layer theory; forced convection; and introduction to non-Newtonian fluid mechanics (polymeric liquids and suspensions), microfluidics, stability analysis, and turbulent flow.

CHEME 7510 Mathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering Analysis

Application of advanced mathematical techniques to chemical engineering analysis. Mathematical modeling, scaling, regular and singular perturbations, multiple scales, asymptotic analysis, linear and nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations, statistics, data analysis, and curve fitting.

 CHEME 7770 Advanced Principles of Biomolecular Engineering

This course will cover the physical principles required for understanding the molecular basis of life and its use in biotechnologies. Emphasis will be placed on deconstructing biological phenomena from a quantitative perspective of core engineering principles. Specific topics will include: thermodynamics and kinetics of gene expression and genetic circuitry, biophysical principles of molecular interaction, molecular mechanisms in the definition of cell state and differentiation, molecular modes of cellular communication, and biophysical considerations of multicellular life.