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Unit Ops Lab

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Unit Operations (UO) Laboratory

The fall-semester, senior-level course “ChemE 4320 – Chemical Engineering Laboratory” is the first of two capstones in the undergraduate curriculum. Teams of students learn to plan and conduct experiments, to collect and analyze data, and to write technical reports. The experiments add practical, hands-on reinforcement to the chemical engineering fundamentals taught in the 3000-level courses, and the lab reports involve engineering design assignments that prepare students for their choice of second capstone course in the spring, “ChemE 4620 – Chemical Process Design.” or "ChemE 4630 - Chemical Product Design". The goal is to transform students from stand-alone homework-solvers and test-takers into communicators, team-members, and open-ended problem solvers.

The lab is about 1400 sq.ft. and accommodates up to 80 students per semester.

Professor Brad Anton tours the UO Lab with alumni at Reunion 2011.                                                               

 Graduate student Jason Boock with undergrads in the UO Lab.