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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is celebrating 75 years!

Latest Spotlights

Julius Lucks breaks the rules to study the most engineerable molecule on the planet

Professor Lucks talks about his work with engineerable molecules.

Hometown Hero

Professor T. Michael Duncan as featured in Cornell Engineering magazine.

Recent News

Zia wins ONR Young Investigator Award

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Zia is one of only 24 ONR Young Investigators selected nationwide this year.

5 ChemE undergrads honored at the 400 Club breakfast

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Michael Alexander, Tom Evangelista, Leah Ferrara, Zac Cesaro, and Ian McQueary.

Professor Jeff Tester featured in the spring issue of NAE The Bridge

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Jeff Tester and Roland Horne co-author, "Geothermal Energy: An Emerging Option for Heat and Power."


Outstanding faculty prepare students to excel – and they do. CBE graduates are highly sought after. They pursue rewarding careers, and make meaningful contributions to society through teaching, research, industry, and other paths. CBE offer's four degrees: a Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering (1-year professional), Master of Science (2-year research) and Ph.D.


CBE faculty and their graduate students are at the very forefront of creating knowledge – directed at solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. Focusing on five broad areas of research: Biomolecular Engineering, Complex Fluids and Polymers, Computational and Systems Biology, Nanoscale Electronics, Photonics and Materials Processing and Sustainable Energy Systems. Learn more about our research, faculty, and facilities.